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Live Streaming Commerce has opened up a new window of sales for automobile brands and retailers as it tailors vehicle buying journeys of clients with virtual viewing experience and real time engagement. It is an effective way of interacting with audiences while displaying products simultaneously and collecting valuable insights.

With Live Streaming Commerce Solution, drive buyers to virtual showrooms and experience the vehicles remotely assisted by your staff, allow them to compare different models at the same time, receive consultation with live responses to questions while exploring the design and features of a model. This real-time interaction will make your brand more transparent and inspire loyalty amongst existing and potential buyers.

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Multiple live shows can be planned and scheduled covering different topics from automobile demos and launches, to maintenance and care. These live shows can be hosted by your employees, brand representatives or influencers. Your audience will be able to ask questions from the hosts and easily book test drives right there.

With our solution you will be able promote your event in advance, as well as after it has ended, on Social Media and generate traffic as well as create buzz around your event. Additionally you can also record the stream to facilitate video commerce via playback.

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Add Live Streaming Commerce
Use cases of Live Streaming commerce

Use cases of Live Streaming Commerce for the Automobile Industry

  • Sales person hosting a live walkaround of a vehicle while showcasing its accessories and running flash sales

  • Collecting bookings for test drives, appointments for showroom visits, and pre-bookings

  • Live streaming launch of a new model

  • Inspecting or previewing vintage cars at auctions

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  • Special Discounts: Automobile retailers can have one of their employees do a Live walkaround via Video Broadcast, and viewers will be able to book the automobile at discounted price available only during that Live Tour

  • Streaming complementary content like driving tips and vehicle maintenance

  • Brand advocates promoting a car while indulging in a Q&A session and announcing giveaways

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Features & Benefits of Live Streaming Commerce for the
Automobile Industry

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