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Consumer Electronics
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Live streaming has enabled the Consumer Electronics industry to gain the attention of buyers with engaging content, influencer marketing, and real-time engagement features. It is an influential way to communicate your brand story, define your value proposition, and build relationships with your prospects all in real-time.

With Live Streaming Commerce Solution, offer buyers a personalized shopping experience while maximizing brand reach and awareness and generate a “buy-now-or-regret-later” feeling.

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Furthermore with the open chat feature viewers can watch a host’s live stream and have real-time conversations with a host that can be an industry expert, a brand advocate, a KOL (key opinion leader), or an employee, while also being able to purchase products the host is selling. Such real-time engagement features make connection with your buyers a two-way street which accelerates sales. Also, use our analytics to measure the success and effectiveness of your broadcast.

All live shows can be recorded and used for video commerce later. Easily promote your shows via Social Media to create buzz, get traffic and increase sales impact.

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Use cases of Live Streaming commerce

Use cases of Live Streaming Commerce for the Consumer Electronics Industry

  • New product launches and demos. Highlighting product features

  • Highlighting deals on products and offering discount coupons in a live show

  • Inviting an influencer to promote a product, example: a travel influencer to promote a GoPro

  • Streaming complementary content like photography tips to promote a mobile phone with a high quality camera

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  • Conducting live product tests, leading to brand credibility

  • A brand advocate sharing a brand story

  • Giving a behind-the-scenes sneak peek of a product manufacturing facility

  • Making an event entertaining by conducting trivia & quiz

  • Collecting bookings for home trials

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Features & Benefits of Live Streaming Commerce for the
Consumer Electronics Industry

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Live Streaming Commerce Success Stories

Microsoft streamed their XBOX One S release event at the E3 conference. The event attracted more than 6.5 million views and thousands of comments. As a result of this stream, the XBOX One S was entirely sold out within two weeks of its launch.

Casio Computer Co. Ltd. hosted a live stream wherein the brand showcased new products to buyers and generated more than 100 million yuan ($ 15 million) during single-day sales.

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