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Fashion & Jewellery
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Live streaming offers fashion and jewellery brands a way to showcase their products, brand persona, build relationships and trust , and directly interact with their buyers, especially in times when buyers’ shopping habits are moving away from physical retail experiences.

With Live Streaming Commerce Solution, make product experience for your users match closest with physical store experiences. Your live show hosts will not just be able to amplify your brand’s image and demonstrate your products, but will also be able to answer questions from your buyer audience. The real-life shopping experiences will give your buyers the satisfaction they crave for while shopping from offline stores.

Real-time engagement features like polls, reactions, chat, running flash sales, product spotlights, etc, leveraged during a live stream, will provide a sense of excitement to your target audience. You will be able to market these shows on Social Media to get traffic on your website or store, and increase downloads of apps. Use the analytics we provide, to make every show better than the previous ones. Learn about your buyers, and boost your sales!

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Use cases of Live Streaming Commerce for the Fashion & Jewellery

  • Hosting fashion & jewellery shows

  • Launching new collections and products

  • Demonstrating product lines

  • Influencer and Advocacy Marketing

Live Streaming Commerce
Want more? Stay in the loop!

Want more? Stay in the loop!

  • Running flash sales in live sessions

  • Buyer feedback for product research

  • Streaming complementary content like fashion tips, leading to brand loyalty

  • Sharing brand story

Features & Benefits of Live Streaming Commerce for the
Fashion & Jewellery Industry

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Live Streaming Commerce Success Stories

During Shanghai Fashion Week Adidas held a limited edition superstar sneaker release event. During the event, customers interacted with the hosts in real-time that facilitated their purchase decision and made the event more entertaining. It was a highly engaging event which attracted 2.23 million viewers and generated more than $28 million in a matter of just 10 hours.

The Cartier hosted a jewelly show during the 11.11 Global Shopping festival wherein the brand unveiled more than 400 timepieces and jewelry items, including a necklace worth USD28.3 million. The event generated 770,000 viewers in just two hours.

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