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Travel, Tourism & Hospitality
Add Live Streaming Commerce

Live streaming has made it possible to capture true aspects of a hotel property, destination, an art gallery, or even an entire town that still images simply can’t provide. It offers a fresh perspective on holiday destinations, accommodations, and all kinds of travel experiences. Providing your clients with “in the moment” content through live broadcast appears unrehearsed and authentic, which gives them assurance about the quality of travel products or services. This can make your business or brand seem more accessible and relatable.

These live shows can be hosted by your staff, employees or tour guides. You can also invite travel influencers to host and market these shows. Your audience will be able to ask questions from the hosts and easily book travel packages right there. You will also be able to market these shows on Social Media to get traffic on your website, or increase download of your apps.

With Live Streaming Commerce Solution, offer interactive tours of destinations and travel products to your clients via a real-time interactive environment and boost your business.

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Use cases of Live Streaming commerce for the Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Industry

  • Providing adequate destination, hotel property and tour experiences online via video tours

  • For a Hotel Chain, every day 1 Hotel can have a staff member do a Live Hotel Tour via Video Broadcast, and viewers will be able to book rooms for that hotel at special rates available only during that Live Tour

  • An Airlines hosting a live stream and offering Discount on certain routes

  • A Tour Company showcasing and launching new tours

Use cases of Live Streaming commerce
Want more? Stay in the loop!

Want more? Stay in the loop!

  • Influencer and Celebrity Marketing

  • Highlighting deal packages and running flash sales in live shows

  • Theme-based Live Streams of destinations and packages: Weddings, Honeymoons, etc

  • Sharing stories about experiences and brands

Features & Benefits of Live Streaming Commerce for the
Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Industry

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Live Streaming Commerce Success Stories

Spring Airlines was able to earn more than 1 million US dollars from a live broadcast. This made airlines host a weekly live stream to continue sales generation. These streams are usually hosted by a professional host and sometimes co hosted by airline employees wherein giveaways, offers, deals and discounts are offered in real time. sold US $294 mn of travel packages & hotel room bookings over just 25 live streams.

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